Sophia Kah is:

1. 1.1. A dreamer.

1.2. She is a dreamer who creates clothes for elegant women and loves to travel.

2. 2.1. Sophia Kah’s clothes make woman feel powerful and beautiful.

    • 2.1.1. Most of Sophia Kah’s clothes are sexy and made with lace and embroidery.
    • 2.1.2. Some garments are evening wear, others for cocktails and others for summer days.
    • 2.1.3. Most of them are dresses or gowns, but some are tops and skirts, shorts or trousers.


2.2. Only a couple looks are beachwear.

    • 2.2.1. The ones that are beachwear have other equaly interesting things. Those things are flowy fabrics, lots of gathers and openings that show skin in an appealing way.
    • 2.2.2. These looks are perfect for days with no stress, as well as for calming environments and summer trips.


3. 3.1. Most of the garments are sophisticated and delicate.

    • 3.1.1. Some have just one color. Others are colorful. Sometimes they are available in two colorways.

3.2. The sophisticated and delicate garments are elegante and portrait a sensible personality, but still adventurous and ambitious.

4. 4.1. Inspirations taken from special places are almost always present.

    • 4.1.1. Those places can be either Comporta, the south of France or Greek islands.


5.1. The time to wear Sophia Kah’s creations is almost always at a party. of joy, of pleasure, of fun.

    • 5.1.1 The parties can be at night or during the day, sometimes slipping into the night.


6. 6.1. When the purpose to wear them is not at a party, it is at regular summer beach days. Beaches with clear blue water and lots of flowers and dunes around.

7. 7.1. Sophia Kah seems to have a special preference of referencing her portuguese hometown in the collections.

7.2. Not all collections are Portugal inspired but most of them will have that patriot touch.

8. And so on…